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    Cool Party night with ex and the new guy

    So this chick and I dated for 6 months then she broke up with me. Fast forward 2 years and I am friend zoned. Funny thing is, the only two girls she ever saw me with after her, she flipped on me. Not to mention we continued to hook up for those two years. She even initiated the intimacy a lot of those times.

    Well I have started NC for 2.5 months. We have talked only a few times and hung out once after the first month. She insisted we watched a movie in her bed and kept giggling and telling me she never would of thought I would be in her bed.

    Well I asked her to the movies a few weeks back and she said "We are going as friends right?". So I got pissy with her and told her to just forget about it. Told her I was talking to someone else and figured they would want to go instead. She then told me she was trying to talk to someone else too. (I think what I did is considered a Freeze Out. not sure)

    Today, I went to the food joint she works at. She came up to me and told me "This is a surpise" so I said, "Yea just grabbing a quick lunch. Should I not of come?" She said. "I never said that". So we made some small talk, I kept it polite and friendly. Told her to come and check out my new house sometime since she never saw it. She then says "You can come and visit me too. You know instead of visiting my roomate." I told her I would think about it but it is weird going over there when her new boyfriend is over. She then got irritated and said "He isn't my boyfriend"

    So what gives? I want to get her back. I mean I love the girl. We have talked to other people but I still miss her (She broke up with me) and she hasn't been in a relationship for these past 2 years with anyone else. Hell, she even told me like 6-7 months ago she thought a few times about getting back together. But she keeps SAYING she doesn't want to be with me, but her actions say differently.

    What do I do now? I'm stuck. Also I know I will see her and this new guy at a party. How do I not get jealous or lose my cool. I am going with this other girl I have been talking to, so I don't want it to be a dramatic evening.

    Any and all advice would be cool guys. Thanks a head for the advice!

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    Default Re: Party night with ex and the new guy

    Read this RB - so you want your ex back

    And a little extra for you personally

    She likes having you wrapped around her little finger. When you're not, she wants to restore that dynamic. She likes you pursuing her, It gives her validation, she has the power. If you start pushing friend zone crap on her, she will fight back against it

    Go, be alpha. Be unaffected by her "moving on". Make best friends with the new guy. Let her see you with other girls

    She will ask questions and try to change you back to pursuing her

    Don't let her . You push friend zone now, let her be the one fighting it
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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