I mean this figuratively of course, i know i have to move on. Thats not what i meant.

Basically, me and this girl dated for over a year. Everything was good when it was good, but most of the time we argued because she was getting bootycall texts and responding to them. It annoyed me, i started a fight, ended with her saying "sorry". blaa blaa. Well, i break up with her because of a lie. Week later she begs me back, i say no, 2 weeks later she finds me after ignoring her, and we talk.

So we talk, then hits me with "im flying my best friend up from florida for a week, we had plans to do this when we werent talking, im sorry". Haha, no, i tell her she cancels them or im gone. Well, she pleaded that nothing was gonna happen, so i left.

After a few weeks she finds me again, begs for me back, and i stupidly take her. This just keeps going on. Well go a period without talking, then she tells me she misses me, wnats it to be like old times, etc. Then she just stops trying.

Not only that, but she hasnt effed me in month. Obv. shes getting the d from someone else, but i feel like shes either friendzoning me but lying about it, or has an std she doesnt want to tell me about (hoping former)

How do i make her fb and swing the power my way? This is not about getting back with her, cause quite frankly i will never get back with her the way we had it. I could never trust her again, but she was the best lay ive ever had, and would not mind a grudge bang.

p.s.- she still texts me, recently she initiates. I give her 3-4 word response, she double texts, and i end convo. What is my next move