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    Default Help needed! "New" feelings for ex girlfriend, how to proceed!?

    Hey guys!
    Okay, this is NOT going to be another ”I’ve broken up with my gf, how do i get her back”-story... well, yeah maybe it kind of is, but anyway…

    I was together with this girl for almost 2 years and this spring I broke up with her because I wasn’t sure that this was the right thing for me, trust me, I loved this girl but the last few month something changed and I feel that it was almost entirely my fault…

    We broke as friends and this summer we’ve met two or three times during parties. Nothing has happened but we could talk as friends and enjoy each other’s company. And I felt good about my decision… We study at the same university so this fall we’ve met a lot of times. We’ve even hung out on some occasions; it’s all been fine until a few weeks ago.

    Then something happened, I started to feel the same feelings again that I had for her. I missed her more and more, longing to be with her and really started to doubt my decision to break up with her in the first place. I know what you’re thinking, that I’ve not met any other girls and I’m just another “omg, I got one girl, now I must marry her!”- dude…

    During the summer and fall I’ve met a bunch of girls and liking quite a lot of them, but there was no real connection… So I thought, f*ck this sh1t… what’s the worst that could happen? So I talked to her a few days ago and explained what had been going through my mind the past few weeks. This was last Tuesday and it went okay… I said what I felt, that I missed her, and hinted a bit subtle if she had any thoughts on giving it a go again. She said that she liked having me as a friend and she didn’t want it to change at this time.

    So tonight we’ve been out partying with a lot of common friends and having a good time, but the moment I saw her going home with another dude my night was ruined. And I feel so angry with myself because of this! I couldn’t stay so I went home and here I am, sitting and writing this…

    What do I want to say with all this? Well, the questions that’s been going through my mind is “What happened that changed my view of her so suddenly” and “What if we give it a shot again, what says that the same thing won’t happen again?”

    Lastly, I could really use some good advice on how (if I decide that I want her as my girlfriend again) to get her back!


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    Default Re: Help needed! "New" feelings for ex girlfriend, how to proceed!?

    I only joined this forum to answer this but this sounds like a "oneitis" as im in the similar situation but if you really want her back you gotta make her feel like she made a mistake to reject you. but you got to move on and pickup other girls

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