Popping back into this part of the forum. When i first stumbled across this forum i was looking for "how to get my ex back". I was one track minded thats all i wanted. I wasted many weeks, worrying and plotting plans to get her back.

You know what it was such as waste of time. 7 months has passed since our break and i have noticed my life is so much better! While trying to re invent my life, I got new hobbies (down hill mountain biking), started gyming. Lost a large amount of body fat and gained muscle, started djing again and most importantly made new freinds and met new people.

I dont hate my ex anymore infact i am grateful for her ending it with me it showed me how good my real freinds actually are.

I'd like to say a big thanks you to everyone who helped me and gave me advice in this forum! But for now i am pursuing other avenues (I will deff be asking For advice in other parts of the forum). For those going through it now, i know it is hard and the worst! But keep your head high and if it drops push it back up. Your EX in mose cases made the choice to leave so let them go. Its their loss and you have everything to gain from your current situatuion. The only thing you can change is YOU! You cant change anyone else.

It may feel like the end of the world right now, but i promise you one thing, it isn't.

Striker x