Just been reading through the site for the past week or two and learning some things. Me and my ex haven't been together for about a year now officially, although there has been some hooking up and on and off talk of dating until recently. She started dating a few guys (not all at the same time haha), but me being in super beta mode at the time ended up not always handling it the best way. The actual relationship was about five years long and it was 95% of the time great. I just got too comfortable and lost myself and focused too much on her and not myself. I finally came to the conclusion that everything I had been doing wasn't getting me anywhere besides looking like an idiot and wasting my own time. Her dad was in the hospital and she was out of town and after making sure she was ok with what was going on with her dad I finally just told her how I felt. Told her that I felt like we had both pushed each other away unintentionally and gotten to comfortable being together that there wasn't anything keeping us there anymore. Told her she had been my best friend but for the past year it was more like I didn't know her or myself anymore. I let her know I was breaking all contact with her, or as much as possible since we live together. I didn't speak to, or text her for about a week and a half. Just worked on me and getting to know myself again and really getting back that confidence I had in myself at one point. Started just chatting with a few female friends to give myself that reassurance that I hadn't just lost all of my game during the relationship and did everything I could to not think about her.

Then this past week she called me asking me to bring her something to work one morning. Being I had to get up for class anyway I obliged and dropped it by to her. I was hungry and decided I might as well stay and eat. (She works at a restaurant obviously). I didn't make any attempt to acknowledge her or start a conversation but she kept coming over and talking like nothing had ever happened between us. I took this as a chance to use a little of what I learned from this site about making eye contact and just being nice and keeping my responses on point but short. I got up and walked to the register walking by her without making notice of her beside me so she followed me out and called me her nickname for me and was nudging me telling me that she hoped I had a good day and she might see me later.

She has been staying at a friends house lately, or at least that's what i'm assuming. Trying not to read into things too seriously or care what she does. I've been putting all of the focus on myself lately trying to take care of myself better and such.

We have texted a few times and I try to keep the conversation short and to the point. I don't want to seem to interested or unintentionally get back into being needy without noticing it. I'm still unsure how she feels or if she is looking at me just as a friend or what since it really has only been a few weeks. Just wondering if i'm headed down the right path and if I should just keep casually starting a conversation with her but ignoring her most of the time. I still love her but I don't have any illusions that there isn't a possibility we never get back together. I'm in the just going with what happens boat right now being indifferent about the situation.

Sorry about the long post just want to be somewhat clear on the situation for everyone. I would be interested in moving toward making more contact with her to try and at least get a sense of where she is at on us. Right now there just isn't enough contact for me to read anything about her. Should I maybe ask her to get lunch or something one day just to judge her response and get a read on her if she says yes? Just kind of confused on where to go with the relationship side as i've been focused on myself as of late. Thanks for any tips or advice guys I know I don't have many questions in here im just unsure of what to ask haha.