Hey everyone.

I just wanted some serious help from people as I'm 20 years old, so still young to romance, but I've been wanted to go out with this girl since college years and we developed a friendship along the way. the problem was every-time i asked her out she said we were good friends. but then she went out if two bad people and her ex was the worst, I never liked him as she abused her . the beginning of this year I split up with my ex and she did the same, and we started seeing each other again as we became distant for 2 years. we finally went out and it was the happiest I've ever been in my life, I loved her so much when she gave me a chance. we were a prefect couple we never argued and when we had little debates we would laugh and make up. but last week we broke up because she wanted to be friends and she we were becoming distant again.We've been going out for 7 month. which for me is the longest I have had, but that still didn't matter as I've waited for 3 years for this girl, I did move on before and had two girlfriends before that, but nothing felt so alive when I was with this one. I read lot of books about how to get your Ex back, and I understand some, but there very hard.

I then tried to give her space, and yesturday she text me screaming her head off that I had been sending people to spy on her and get information on her which I didn't do . This got me very upset because whoever said this may have cause me to lose all hope for my ex to come back to me.

I want advice please on how to sort things out and how to deal with these problems. I don't know wither i should send her flower or a card to the family, personally. or text her. but if anyone can get her back or help me I'd be begging you . I'm a guy that's honest to god never cheated on any of my ex even if i didn't like them. I respected them all and never did anything bad like that. just this one is special, every-time i looked into her eyes I could see she's the girl i wanted to be with for the rest of her life. I know I can treat her right and will protect her from anyone . so please I'd be so happy for advice as I don't want to lose her forever.

Thank you for hearing my story.