The short story - we were together for 2 years - and we never argued seriously in those years - she left working outside the country about 6 months ago, she was coming back every 3-4 weeks. Everything went fine until I became a little jealous(she proved me after that I was wrong) and started to have fights over the phone - instant messaging for about a week. At one point, she told me that she needs a little space...but I kept continuing with phones / SMSs. One evening, I asked her if she still loves me...she said I don't know, I don't know nothing, she was very unstable. I ended phone and SMS bombing and at one point, few days later I asked here if I should try fighting our relation. She said "no, at least not know". then I said, "OK, this was it then".

We had friendly chats over IM and I observed that, everytime I was trying to be warm with her, she was cold and the other way around.

We met up a few days ago, with a common friend and went for shopping. When she was in the dressing room, I asked, laughing, if I can watch...she said yes and, when I got in there she suddenly kissed me, multiple times. We agreed to go out that night...but we didn't anymore, she was tired and asked me to go at her place because she is very tired(she asked me that about 10 times since she was back in the country but i said that I'm not going and that i prefer to meet somewhere else).

I went out of the city since that day we kissed, I had to go at a couple of parties. Yesterday, I sent her a message "would you like to do smth new from MON to TUE, I just booked a ticket somewhere". She told me that she cannot do that because of her work and she asked me why didn't I asked her in the first place? why didn't we plan this together; I told her it was supposed to be a surprise. Then, I told her on the phone that probably it is the best thing that we split up. She didn't agreed...she told me that we should discuss that face to face and we set up a meeting for tomorrow night. She was VERY HAPPY at the phone about the meeting.

Now, I'm meeting her tomorrow, I know that she still loves me, I saw that when and how she kissed me and how she was looking at me.

What should I do tomorrow? What should I say and what should I say not? I still love her and I what her back.

Many thanx !!!

If you need more info or maybe I forgot smth, please ask.