So, I'm new to the forums, just wanna say thanks, great stuff here!

I'm from the netherlands and me and my girlfriend have been together for 6and a half year (could be more or less).
She said to me one day ( 3 months ago )the Horror sentance: "we need to talk"
when i got home from work she cooked a meal and we ate it together like normaly, after that whe smoked a sigarete on the couch and it all started.

She told me she does not have feeling for me anymore, she did not see us together and that we would be better of breaking up.
me and my fool headed mind said "yeah, i agree" and she left.

the next day i came to my senses and broke down, i wanted her back....

i made contact almost every day after that, asking what i did wrong, that i could change and that she just had to give me one more chance.
all wrong after some research i know, but what is done is done.

Now, She is just a friend, but in a weird way, whe meet up at here place, talk like old friend/ girlfriend-boyfriend and everything is fine, but i want here to get the feelings back.

i know what i did wrong i know what to change but she doesn't believe me, and after i while i figured it out.
Girls dont get LOGICS... and that my strong point.

So here i am, How do i show here that i have been changed without here going out with me or telling here what has changed....

i Sleept at here place a week ago, i tried to have sex but she just moved my hand away slowly so i stopped ( i dont wanna break what i have/progress ).
she then proceded with placing my hang around here waist and we fell asleep like that, what does this mean?

I just want a second chance, i want to show here i can be her man, and iff that fails, i least i can say i tried my best and gave it my everything.

thanks for reading and how you guy's can help!