sup guys,

This is my first new thread here. I've rifled through the forums a bit looking for something similar to my situation but wasn't able to dig up here it goes.

I broke up with my gf of 4 years, 2 weeks ago. [I'll call her EX1] (1 year of which was LD and shouldn't have happened anyway). A couple weeks later I bumped into another prior ex at a party [I'll call her EX2] that I haven't spoken too since I ended it with her about 4 years ago shortly before EX1.

EX2 and I had a pleasant ~10m conversation, then I spent the rest of the time re-connecting with friends I hadn't seen in a long time. When she left she said bye w/ hug. I added her on FB and she accepted my friend request. I'm curious about rekindling things w/ her because of all the typical reasons. I messaged her on fb friday with:

"<name>, You seem like there may potentially be more to you than just another pretty face...are you single? whats your phone number? we should get a drink or and catchup."

she replied today (Sunday) with:

"There is so much more.
I am very single.
I don't do seconds.
<3, "

need help with the next response, any tips would be greatly appreciated.