I have to warn that it is quite wordy first...

We met for just around 3weeks before we got together.
Everything was sweet for the past 3 months till I got her pregnant.
I was guilty about that and I am supportive to her throughout the whole process.
I didn't recommend keeping or aborting the baby but I told her no matter what decision she took, I will support her throughout.
Which I did.
But then we quarrel quite some time.
When I told her I was kind of disturbed by her 5 years friend.
Where she would wake up every morning text him to see if he wakes up just to play game and till late night, like midnight. Every single day of their holiday. Although, I was playing with them at times but I just felt the insecurity was there for me.

And we used to text every time we go out with somebody else and when we reach home so that we don't have to worry unnecessary.
She requested me to text her every night before sleep as well as webcam every time we are online.
I give in to both as well as she told me she will not be able to sleep well if I did not text her every night before sleeping.

But when we quarrel, she keeps telling me I doesn't trust her or keep restricting her freedom. I told her that why is it that she can play game with her friends without me and why can't I play game with my friends without her. She simply ignores if not just scold me that she doesn't like it.

And also meeting up with 1 guy friend, someone she knows as well.
She restricted me to do so.
Then she can go meet up with her friends just to have dinner and so on.
She got more male friends than female friends. That's something I felt insecure at times also.

And also... I am having competition on the 1st and 2nd of December and told her if she wants to come and support me.
She told me she is busy doing her final year project so I can understand that.
But around 1-2 days later I saw her asking her friends whether does that want to go out on the 3rd or 6th of December...

And we just broke off 2 days ago.
We did not talk at all after breaking up but she told me she will never talk to me again.
She told me she used to smile every time we talk but recently is frown every time we talk.
Once she told me "I love you but I don't wish to let you go" in our first 2 weeks temporary separation.
And this time round the break up, she told me this "I know you are a nice guy but you are just not the one for me"
She warned me that she will delete me off every communication platform if I talk to her again.
So I simply said "take good care of yourself and don't worry about me, goodbye"
She simply deleted me off from skype, twitter, and other gaming accounts. However, she did not delete the facebook. Why is that so?

And only till now, which Idk what happens that triggers her to delete me off from facebook as well.
Then she wrote it on twitter "Suddenly I felt a sense of freedom" and "just face the fate", my friend told me that so I guess she probably directing that for me without me knowing or so?

Just yesterday she texted me this. "Don't be cocky, I don't even know what you tell who, but I don't even care. Go find other girls who can accept you for who you are"

I felt like the worst kind of AFC. I'm new to this and really would love to know how to get her back to an exclusive relationship.
Help is greatly appreciated!
Looking forward to a quick response!