I had a complicated breakup 2 months ago, where she said that she was having trouble with her life and that the relationship was stressing her out so she couldn't be with anyone for a long time, but I kept contact with my ex girlfriend for 4-5 weeks for some other reasons until I realized I was messing it up even more, so I cut contact with her as much as I could.

Just before I cut contact, I already met her in a birthday party and again in an important meeting, and I was already showing a lot of change as I devoted myself to getting my life back in track, but I was still trying to contact her online. On this 2 days I mentioned, she was kind of hiding from me while I was talking and having fun with other friends, although we didn't have any direct contact, so it was OK.

This last weekend, we had another birthday from common friends where we all met up at a bar. I arrived a bit later as I was busy just before, so when I arrived the only spot left for me was almost facing her and she facing me. I spent the whole time talking to all my friends, laughing and showing great qualities, so I think she might have noticed. I also tried to avoid getting in any conversation she was in (although she only talked with 2 of her girl friends and not much more) while being polite, to keep the NC. The thing is, I noticed that she has kind of trying to give her back to where I was. I didn't give it any importance until the moment where we all left, when a friend came to me to tell me that he saw her giving me some looks when I wasn't paying attention.

So now I don't know if I should consider this a good thing or if, on the contrary, she is trying to avoid all contact too. I know I made a great progress in my changes very fast, and maybe it wasn't a good idea to keep contact while I was already doing it. So, what should I expect and what should I do about this whole situation? Should I stick with no contact or maybe I should try something else?