Hey everyone

I broke up with my girlfriend about 4 weeks now and I've been doing alot of stuff that everyone is telling me and I've done very well I've got my life back on track and keeping a calm mind about getting my Ex back, this is because I do want her back.

I've been doing the NC Rule for 4 weeks now and today I've just found out she's going out with another guy I know. I read it's because she may want to get me jealous and I'm not sure what I'm feeling at the moment. I've written a letter and a card for her parents, should I still send it to them after finding this information out, cause at the moment I'm calmed down and trying to slow my heart down and keep cool and calm. I would really appreciate the help everyone.

to help everyone I have gotten my life back on track I'm hitting the gym and go my jobs and even met two girls. I've taken my mind off it but after seeing this my heart just kinda shattered and in a way turned into a beta bitch :/. so if any advice please share.

Thanks everyone