Dear PUAs,

I have met this girl 3 weeks ago (please do not dismiss this just yet) at an arts meeting in our University. I came there for the free pizza and as I have later found out, so did she. So we exchanged phone numbers and texted each other for 3 days, her giving me the IOIs much more than I did to her. And so we decided to meet for a date and on that first date everything went extremely smooth and so we have kissed. On the third date (3 days later) we had sex. I actually saw her telling her best friend that the sex was amazing. The more we talked the more similarities we found in each other, and even went on to ridiculous little details like both of us preferring to put soy sauce on a specific part of a specific sushi. She was the first one to confess love and everything was great. I even got to introduce her to marijuana (though she felt bad, and her best friend told her never to do that again) One day she told me her friends told me that it's crazy that she is dating me, because we are "too similair". I asked her what that meant and she said that we both tend to be dominant in relationships. I told her that her friends are f**king stupid (I used that phrasing) and that guys should be dominant (cheers David DeAngelo, always cocky funny my GF). I asked her if she was happy with me and she said yes but sometimes she feels bad, I asked her why but she couldn't pinpoint anything. I told her that she could always talk to me and that I would listen. This was 4 days ago.

Yesterday we went to see a meteor shower together and it was wonderful and she was happy as can be. Today she texted me "I wanna break up, I'm tired, you told me never to lie to you so I feel I should say it" I asked her why, she said she has nothing to say. I asked her what I did wrong, she said that "it's not your fault, it's mine, I'm sorry" (God, I hate that). To that I answered "Don't give me that bulls**t, if you were happy with me you wouldn't want to leave me". She said she had nothing to say to that. I said "Nevermind. Goodbye"

In 10 days it's her birthday and I bought a present for her and she knows that. I was thinking of using that as an opportunity to meet and talk.

I really want this girl back as I have never met a type like her before. I need to find my error and correct it. Please help me do that.

Any suggestions?