So a little background.: my ex and I were together for about 5.5 years. We had talked marriage on numerous occasions after about year 3. Anyway we drifted apart towards the end (she banged a ex when we were on a week 'break'). We broke up after I found out. She then begged for me to take her back: I would get ecards, txts, and all sorts of different communication trying to win me back.
After about three months I finally came to the conclusion that I really did love her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.
That lasted a week and she called me telling me that it was over and asked if we could just be friends. I said no and we had sporadic communication throughout the summer.
Come Sept she calls me a tells me she is moving to be with her "true" love of her life...her ex.

Fast forward 5 yrs and she starts sending me emails about our dog and how she is doing. She starts telling me what a lazy asshole her bf is and how he has never had a job ( he's 27) and all he does is sit around smoking pot and sponging off her. They had a on again off again relationship.
We end up meeting last Christmas and I couldn't believe how good she still looked. She complemented me on how much weight I lost and that i looked very fit. We chatted for about an hr and then she had to go meet some friends skiing.
About a week later I called her and we chatted about traveling and dogs and a couple of other things. I then decided to ask her about us talking some more. She laughed and said her and her bf were going to try for a third time to get hitched. I laughed and told her good luck.

And just this weekend I sent her an email asking how our dog is doing. She responds that the dog is good and that she never got married and the relationship end really bad. She then says that she wants to be single forever and she is going to do some traveling around the country.

Now I have read all these threads about getting back together with your ex. But none of them really apply to me. Our breakup was 6 yrs ago, she views our relationship as a mistake ( convinced herself), and she even accuses me of things that the other guy did!

So can one overcome her physical distance, her emotional distance, and generate feelings for me again?

Her response to me telling that I was watching one of our fav shows was "awesome". Nothing else.

Any help would be great.