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    Post The "Merry Chirstmas" text from an ex that doesn't respect me anymore

    So I have been trying to talk to my ex for a while now, just to see where we are at and if it's even possible to get her back. We have been on and off for like 2 years, officially for 6 months but fwbs for the rest of the time. Well, she has started seeing a new dude and it's been a few months of them seeing each other almost daily so i'm pretty certain they are official.

    Well I asked her to hang out over thanksgiving and she basically accused me of trying to take her out on a date and that she couldn't hang out with me along out of "respect for the new guy" aka the dude she only knew for 3 effing months. Well I went hardcore NC on her and even ignored her birthday on the 23rd, which i'm sure threw her off a bit.

    Well, no more than 13 min after midnight I get "Merry Christmas! JT" sent to my phone.

    My question to you pros is, do I reply back?

    This girl really is confusing me guys. She told me she couldn't hang with me out of respect for the new guy but told me a day before that she bought me a christmas gift. What gives? Isn't a gift more personal?

    So what do I do guys? Do I reply back with a simple "Thanks you too" and leave it at that or what?

    I'm still pretty fired up about her saying she basically respects someone she only knew for 3 months over me, the guy that's been with her through good times and rough times for the past 2 years.

    Any advice welcome,

    Thanks everyone and I hope you all have an awesome holiday

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    Default Re: The "Merry Chirstmas" text from an ex that doesn't respect me anymore

    What I would do if I were in your position is not reply. You could reply if you want but I wouldn't. Shes confusing you so its time for you to confuse her. The text she sent was probably a text she'd remember sending and its going to bug her that you didn't reply. And later she will try to spark up a convo and if she says where did you go off to or how you didn't reply just be like i thought you wanted to end this kinda deal.

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