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    Just a little something I penned after a crazy relationship in which every underlying unsuitable relationship trait was evident; from a bad past of infidelity and nymphomania, to manipulation and game-playing, compulsive lying, and multiple no-contact phases, reconciliation, relocation, frequent breakups, the works.

    Any and all feedback appreciated; cheers

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    Default Re: Guide to: Unsuitable Relationship Traits & Broken Love (inc. N-C/recon)

    I feel your pain bro, right now I am in moving on mode myself after having an on-off relationship with a girl exactly like you are describing.

    I'm lucky though, I saw her for what she was in June and ditched her - told her I wouldn't be back in touch and wished her all the best. She got back in touch in September - got her ego boost when I said I still liked her and then she disappeared. Then I got an 'accidental' text from her in December - just wished her a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and went straight back into NC.

    Look up websites on narcissism, borderline personality disorder, sociopaths and psychopaths and I'm betting you see lots of behaviours you can identify with.

    My ex was damaged goods bro - promiscous (like 20 lovers at 20 year old) and a serial cheat. It sounds like your ex is very bad news too. And she won't change.

    You're way better than that - nobody needs someone like that in their life. Right now you might be missing her but use your head bro - all the pain and hassle just isn't worth it!

    Go full NC but do it to get over her - not a game to get her back - that's just perpuating the problem.

    Man up, take the pain and let her go for good - let some other poor sucker put up with her and just know that she will cheat on him. Just like she would have cheated on you - she's no keeper bro - she is damaged goods and you are way better of without her.

    On a positive note - you've learned a lot about the game by having a relationship with someone like that. Use that experience and the next time you meet someone, remember you are the prize and if she isn't good enough for you, run away fast.

    Hang in there and just know what in a few months time you will be so glad she isn't part of your life anymore. Like I am.

    Hope this helps and be strong - you're the man - she's just a rag that people fark and then forget about.

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