I was with this girl for six months which may not sound long, but we spent nearly every day together. A month ago I broke up with her because she had been distancing herself from me and pushing me away. NC was broken after 3 weeks because she has most of the same friends as me and were at the same party a few times. She didnt tell me until yesterday when I decided to talk about the break up that she had been almost ready to open up and tell me what was going on when I dumped her. It takes her time to communicate feelings. She said that she still loves me and it will hurt to see me with other people, but she can't be with me if I gave up on her so easily. What can I do to show her that she will be able to trust me if we get back together? It was a stupid mistake on my part and I don't want such a great girl to fall by the way side because of something like this.