Early last year I started staying with my ex. From the beginning, very intense, we were every day, slept over at her house to mine. She who ran after me, called me every day, always called me to go to her house. But when I decided to take a relationship were so many fights, lasted only been two weeks.

Since then, several times we'd go back to stay, but spent a few weeks and we fought again. When we broke up I ran after it, other times it was she who came after me.

After the last fight, she came to see me at facebook every day, and we are talking normal, but I already stressed with so many fights, told her it was best if we leave. Then she deleted and blocked me from facebook. I could not forget her, and thereafter, did abominable things for you, like saying I can not forget her, calling her out, asking to go to her house to talk ...

The fact that she moved to another state was already set long before we start to get, but at the time we was right, she said she would stay longer here to keep me.

But when the news came that she was moving really, that's when I went crazy. As Zan Perrion: "I would be very sad if she knew that I hurt the heart of a woman", and said that to her, she told me she still loves me, but I did not tell the truth, I do not love her and just want Sex

These days I noticed she unblocked me from facebook, because now I'm getting into the profile of her, before she could not, she not only added me again.

Finally, yesterday I sent her: "You know what I want? Enjoy this time with your hand until you leave, because then if hit miss, will not to do anything else." And she said already distorting everything: "If you do not know if it will miss, even better not try anything, the heart always gets hurt." In the new year she texted me, said she heard a song and remembered me.

As I know some of the answers you give, here are the replicas:

- Stop running behind.

OK, let the girl I like to go without power never regain it? Do not run after work? Yes .. the other times I did not run back and she came. But she ran behind me so I'm giving her those chances even more by saying that she still loves me. A friend of mine who has studied PUA told me to show up at her house by surprise, but, you know, or think it's worth, I live and work far away from there as fuck = /

- Invest in yourself.

Already invest. Mallet to stay hot. I go out every weekend. I got a job. I have a car now.

- Eat more.

Already like. After the last time we stayed, ate 4, and still a bitch (bitch but does not count).

Reasons to stay with her, like her company, I like to hear it, wonderful sex and grace (live alone, no need to pay motel), I'm already sick of this life to go out and hunt woman night to eat. And to get another for dating is difficult because for me dating, I have very fond of women, not going out dating the first to appear in front of me!