First of all its a long story. I will just cut it short. I and my ex were been together for 2 and a half years. An accident had caused us to break up. At this time she eventually went to a relationship with another guy. Our career path is the same. Although we did break up, we still meeting each other during college time. Things gone well. We still contact each other at this stage and even doing stuff that beyond friendship. However, at this point her official bf remain the other guy. Things gone better when we went abroad study together. Eventually we are being together and she broke up with her bf. However, once we back to our local country, she chg her mind again and decided to be with her bf. This had happened twice. I had suffered for 6 years having on and off relationship with her. But everytime when comes to decision, i am the one who got abandoned. When she made those decisions, after 1-2 weeks, she will start texting or calling me back again. And obviously i know this the reason we are on and off again. I really need advice from u guys. Should i still keep contact with her if she text ot call me or just end it?

Key point : when we were abraod she chose me. When we bk to our local country she chose bk her bf, who working at our local country. She admit she still love me. I really need advice. Should i just end up or just let it be. Thanks.