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    Default I want to get my next door neighbor and kind of ex back from her boyfriend.

    I'm just going to post some somewhat long cliffs. I posted this in another section on accident.

    - Last year I hooked up with my next door neighbor while we were both drunk, then she kept coming over for more.

    - Didn't want to date her at the time because she has a whorish past, but I developed feelings for her after a couple weeks. We decided to go out on a date but never called each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

    - Long story short; I kissed a girl and let her sleep in my bed and said girl told my neighbor. She claimed not to care and that we needed to break up because she "didn't like me anymore."

    - She gets a rebound date within an hour of dumping me, I don't think she was seeing this guy the entire time but she probably had him on the backburner.

    - A week later I send her a huge Facebook text detailing what actually happened and I denied the sh1t out of cheating on her, lol.

    - Still stays with this guy for months, always parading him around the apartment complex in an obvious attempt to make me jealous.

    - I see her and her boyfriend at a mutual friend's party. She cold shoulders the sh1t out of me and her boyfriend tries to be nice, he and I share a few laughs but it was clear that my neighbor was pissed and emotional.

    - I see the two of them in my apartment complex's pool hall and I say hey, they both just look at me awkwardly and walk out.

    - I add her boyfriend on Facebook just to show how not bitter I am, she texts me "if you're trying to fark with me please stop."

    - We get into a huge argument, I say we weren't even a thing and that I didn't know she was still upset about what happened, she says she's not upset but that it's "just weird" and that I am "reveling" in the fact that it makes her uncomfortable to see two guys she was with interacting. Also she said her boyfriend felt awkward and pissed.

    - End argument with us agreeing to stay out of each others lives. A few days later I text her a huge apology, saying I didn't know her boyfriend knew about me and how I guess I am "in a way" her ex. I say I wish them the best and I'm not looking to break them up. She apologizes for being overly dramatic and we both agree to just be friendly neighbors again.

    Did I fark this up too bad? Or was she pissed and emotional because she still has feelings for me? I've dated other girls but she's never seen me with any of them.

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    Default Re: I want to get my next door neighbor and kind of ex back from her boyfri

    two words............... .................... ...

    move on

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