So let me give some background.

I'm in my seconf year at university. I had a year out inbetween high school and university. I spent this working in a holiday resort and slept with quite a lot of girls. I still feel pretty bad about a couple of instances when a girl would say they want more when i wasn't looking for anything serious. (i guess i give off the impression though just my personality that i might want more than just a little fun)

anyway my first year of univeristy was great. lots of fun. loads of frinds. Towards the end of it a girl in my dorm block who i was really good friends with told me she like me and maybe wanted a relationship. I didnt sleep with her and backed off from my experiences in my year off, and i went travelling in the summer.

So start our second year at school. she had a kinda boyfirnd over the summer but it finished in Novemeber. Since then we were really flirty. she sleeps in my bed occasionally etc. I've started to develop feelings for her.

A few weeks ago she was pretty drunk and she came and slept in my bed. we made out for abit and had some drunken chat. I told her i liked her. And she brought up what had happened between us at the end of last year. (weirdly the tacktic i used to scare her off worked perfectly. Perhaps too well)

I then had to rush home for a family emergency.

I come back to school and find out she has a date with another guy.

On hearing this I decided to chat to her and she told me that "she doesn't like me like that".

Firstly this seems weird. how can her feeling change like this. She was so open and firstly in the last few months.

Secondly how should I react. I could start ignoring her. use the get out of the friend zone techniques. or could just accept it and find some other girls. or continue on with our relationship as before.

I've told her she should stop coming to my bed and having late night cuddles.

I just don't know how i will feel if she starts a relationship with the guy she has a date with.

so... carry on as before, cut her off or go in hard pushing for a relationship? i cant avoid her totally btw. we live really close