Hi everyone, I just thought I would write a short list of errors men always seem to make when trying to get their ex back.

1. Panic. I see this happen so often it makes me want to give up on giving advice to guys about women. Texting every five minutes and spending all your time wondering if she is with another guy WILL NOT get her back.

2. Begging/pleading. This will only make her think she has done the right thing. Be a man, take it like a man.

3. Begging them to tell you what you need to change. This is a really major error. If they don't like you for who you are, why would you want them? If you want to get them back, go out and show that you are who you are and you couldn't give two hoots what anyone else thinks. This is confidence building, charismatic and most importantly, ATTRACTIVE.

4. Trying to make them jealous in really obvious ways. Most women expect this tactic from men. There is nothing wrong with them knowing you have female admirers. Just don't make a point of turning up at their local pub with a different woman every week. If you go out, date a few times but nothing big, she will likely find out. She may get jealous, she may not, but if you make it obvious, she will think you are a fool and you will decrease your chances.

So ends my brief tips. I hope those of you out there trying to get your exes back will at least pay a little attention to these.