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Thread: It will all work out

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    Default It will all work out

    I posted on here awhile ago about losing my girlfriend and how upset I was. She left me for a 30 year old guy, she is 21, after just moving in with me. I was desperate to get her back. Well things have changed. Here is my update, in case anyone cares:

    I met someone new and better for me. I thank god everyday that the breakup with my ex happened. I became a better purpose by struggling through the loss and finding who I was. Since meeting my new girl, who is a dime by the way, my ex has tried to contact me every once in awhile but I have started to not respond. Maybe she regrets breaking up with me and maybe she doesn't; I don't really care anymore. I just feel sorry for her now.

    If I could go back in time and tell myself one thing it would be that it will work out. As long as you don't give up your dignity and self respect for someone who doesn't deserve the time of day it will work out in your favor. It may take months, but you will come out the better person.


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    Default Re: It will all work out

    Good to read some positivity in this thread. I think you're right, to an extent, I can't really go full out on the whole getting back with an ex issue though as that's what I'm trying to do now.

    I think the best thing you can do when you break up is focus on yourself. You need to make sure you do everything in your power to improve your own life. If you can improve your life then you win irrespective if whether you get the ex back or not. Plus focusing on yourself can work in two ways...

    1.) you don't get her back; but you've improved your life, perhaps better health through eating right, better social life by finding more time for friends, better career etc so you are happier with your own life, need a woman less and consequently you forget about your ex or move on. Plus the new look, happier, you appeals more to other women so you bounce back in the dating scene too.

    2.) you achieve all the personal goals and in doing so, your ex decides she can't move on without you. If you still want her back then you get her but you are a more solid grounded you, less dependant upon her for happiness and, as such, there's less pressure on the relationship and this helps with potentially alleviating any problems that may have existed in the relationship and so more chance you can stick with her.

    Or 3.) your ex wants you back but you realise that you have moved on, so role reversal.

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