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    Default Ex girlfriend in and out of the picture. Advice please??

    Gentlemen.... Im your average AFC.

    Im not a bad looking guy, im well- groomed, and women generally find me attractive.....yet somehow i strike out swinging at bat.

    And heres my story:

    I have a serious case of one-itis:

    5 yrs ago, i met a woman and we shared an incredible connection. We fell deeply in love yet it didnt work out. Since then she found a new boyfriend....and has been with this dude since. I have never left the picture, on and off shes cheated on him with me!!

    A few weeks ago it was business as usual, i invited her to fark me and she got all mushy and gave me the love shpeel on how " shes falling for me all over. "

    Everything was great....however the girl didnt let me tap... it was like she was afraid to get caught.

    Until all of a sudden the chic decides to completely ignore me!!!

    Consumed with my AFC emotion, i gave this woman a gospel on how much i hate her for consistently doing this sh1t for years. Then i sent her to hell and told her to not talk to me again. :-I

    What the hell happenned??

    Gentlemen, i need to re-bed this woman and take her off this power trip where she feels she can come and go as she pleases. At this point, although alot of emotions are involved, my pride is involved so much more!!

    Wht would you guys do?? Please. Suggestions. This thing is eating at me like an unstoppable rebble force!

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    Default Re: Ex girlfriend in and out of the picture. Advice please??

    Hey mate,

    I feel for you here because this is a lose/lose situation. Right now you are some sort of fallback plan for this girl. She knows you want her and she also thinks she can have you whenever she wants. That's not good for you, unless you are happy being 2nd best to some other guy.

    If I am understanding this right, she has been cheating with you on-and-off for 5 years. If she was really into you, she would be with you. And chances are that, if she was with you, she would cheat on you too.

    I think you really need to ask yourself what you want here and why. If you want a serious relationship with this girl, I'm sorry to say that I don't think it will happen and even if it does, she will fark about. If you really want to be the fallback guy and just fark her occassionally -when it suits her - ask yourself why you would settle for that.

    I think you have done the right thing - send her packing bro - she is bad news.

    Right now you are feeling rejected and that stings. But the good thing is that you have now rejected her and turned the tables.

    Be a man, don't go back to her bro - she isn't worth it. You have already wasted a lot of time and energy on her when you should be trying to meet someone else that deserves you.

    I'm no PUA bro but I do know that you need confidence to go for what you want. You also need to have enough confidence to decide what you don't want and let it go.

    You can't win here - call it a day and don't look back. When she gets back in touch then you really need to man up and ignore her.

    Good luck mate and all the best.

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