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    Default EX moving away for good

    Hey guys, im in a situation where im moving along at a decent pace in regards to my one-itis ex. As I mentioned at some other post in time, she is originally from a different province and is only living in my city for schooling.

    Now we broke up in November, had some contact in late December and am currently doing NC with her up till today and plan to continue doing so. We have run into each other multiple times during my NC phase since we share the same group of social friends, where I had constantly dhv'd myself in those situations, and even had a night where I gamed up multiple women in the bar while she was there as well.

    Regardless getting to the point, my ex whom I do still miss at times and her being my one-itis is self explanatory. However she is in a casual rebound relationship with another dude already which I dont have anything against, but despite continuing the NC and the sense of negative emotions she still may hold, I was wondering since this may be her last semester here before she is shipped back home for good, is there some point in time where "I" break the NC and re-engage with her before its too late? Or do I remain stone cold and let her leave without me reintroducing myself (if that be the case of her not contacting me before then). I really do not want to burn bridges with my ex, I would want nothing more than to be on good terms with her. Keep in mind we share the same social group so its hard to "really" have proper NC. I have even thought about talking to a mutual girl friend of my Ex and I about whether I should contact her before then, ill hold off on that idea until I get some feed back!

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    Default Re: EX moving away for good

    Hey man, as I always point out, im no expert but...

    If she is going to be gone for good then u may well need to contact her if u want her back, otherwise you wont get that chance. Unless of course you want to just get over her.

    Either way you havent got much to lose but it would probably be best to have a great time in front her her and casually meet if possible. (Probably not). As for what to say I havet really got a clue as everything I said hasnt done me many favours. Maybe be casual and quirky and not so direct as not to come off too needy. Just my thaughts on the matter

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