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    Default How to get out of friend zone....Is it good idea

    If you read my previous posts you will see my situation. Long story short, i didnt appreciate her, she cheated and left for another guy. That was 2 months ago. I had NC for 1 month but we work together. Until now things had been awkward - she hated me - i loved/hated her.

    Now we are unofficially socialising on friendly terms only when in forced contact.

    How can I advance from this? She isnt responding to my usual type negs like she used to and she has genuinely moved on with this guy. What should i do, just sit back in this friend zone? I dont want to fall in there forever while she loves someone else yet I have already been not friendly and it drove her further away.

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    Default Re: How to get out of friend zone....Is it good idea

    Hey Sparta.

    You've done well - it can't be easy working with your ex.

    I'm thinking if you didn't appreciate her, she might not like the negs. Especially true if you are not in a relationship with her any more.

    I think you have done more than enough for now and you are too emotionally invested in this girl. She knows you still like her but she has a new man in her life - so she is in control.

    You need to back right off. Do not initiate contact and I would stay out her road as much as possible. I am not sure how much you actually have to interact with her in your work but only engage about work. Nothing else.

    This means no more wee chats, definitely no more negging and no trying to act like her friend. You don't want her as a friend, so why bother?

    If you push now, when she is in a relationship that is going well (for now but that might change), their is only one outcome. And it won't be pretty. You know that bro so be strong, be disciplined and just back off.

    Hang in there.

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