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    Default how to get her back PART 3

    Hi ...

    I gave her a reply 3 days after to meet up on the 14th,to watch this movie festival...
    Then I realised that I had another date available wich was the 6th,the day after I sent her a text I decided the give her a ring to find out if it was possible to make it for the 6th...she picked up the phone staight away which was really unlikely while I was with her before...the 6th was not good for her (she had a dinner) and neither the 14th(she ll be away for work..) Iknow I staffed up that day...but read this...I told her I would decide of another date and let her know the next day,what I did and I suggeted her the 12th..The day after that I was on my FB page ,and I realised that I received an invitation from an ex girlfriend of mine of 2 years ago sent me a Friend request...2 hours after I accepted the request ,the girlfriend I try to get back at the moment send me a link on my FB wall (view by all my friends)for the movie and started to chat with me by wall post which has never happened before...she told me basically she would take care of the tickets,and I told her I knew a rstaurant we could go before and that I ll make the booking,she replied 'team work' day she posted again on my wall telling me she bought the tickets,I waited 2 days to text her I had booked the restaurant,and she replied straight away which never happened before ....

    I know that the strategy is kind one step forward two step backward...
    When I m thinking about it since she broke up we saw each other twice, the first time she initiated the contact first to do something and the second time was me and at the end of that meeting I kissed her and walk away and she is the one coming back basically asking more....It means after I see her next tuesday It will be kind of my turn to invite her again but I won t do it,I will let her coming back to me even if it takes longer and will ignore her or tell her I m busy ....
    Now there is another aspect,That night I kissed her again and walked off her parents was supposed to come over for the week end the day after and she had to talk to her father about things ,she asked me how to bring up the topic and I gave her advice for that...when I phoned her up last time she told me she talked to him and that she did it the way we talked about,It means in a way she is under my sway,she listens to me no

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    Default Re: how to get her back PART 3

    Hey man.

    It sounds like you are doing pretty good. Being unavailable is good. Your ex from 2 years ago adding you as a friend is good too. She will wonder what is happening with you.

    Your value has just shot right up and she is interested in you again. But don't get too sure you have her hooked, there are some real crazy girls out there and you never know how some of them are going to act.

    Just be careful you don't end up as some kind of mentor for her and get friendzoned if that isn't what you want.

    For now, just keep playing it cool and if she flakes or does some other crazy sh**, act like you don't have a care in the world.

    Stay disciplined and keep doing what you have been doing so far.

    Good man!

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