I dont quite know how to go about this.
Story to date: I neglected her, she cheated and left for some guy(invited me to see it), i reacted angrily, went no contact for 1 month, back working together 3 days a week 1 month ago.

I have reason to believe she split from this rebound. We had an angry spell then a long chat 2 days ago where we agreed it was childish. We ended up discussing all the good times and stuff. She said her anger was all a front and she had been really unhappy and even broke down before work.

Now we talk like friends at work for once but i sense there is no attraction towards me. I have done Kino by touching her back when she walks past and her nails to comment etc. How can I get out of this friend zone or whatever it is. I really dont wanna screw this up.