If you're already Alpha as f*ck you don't need to read this, but if you're beta carry on.

In Cody's post "How to get your ex back" there is a section on how to become the man, which he says is the most important step in getting your ex back. Not only is it true about being the most important step in getting your ex back, it's also the most important step in getting over her and moving on as well. Again, like Cody said this topic is extremely hard to explain, but fu*k here goes nothing.

The problem with becoming the man is you have to be willing to. Just reading this post or Cody's post or anyone else's posts on here isn't enough to make you the man. You have to make you the man. Don't expect to become some kinda alpha god in a night or a week, it'll take sometime. Anyway here's how you should start:

Don't be indecisive, the man makes choices. If someone asks you a question from now on you make a decision. No more, "I don't mind" or "it's up to you". You were asked, so you decide.

Change things you don't like about yourself. This is important as if it's not something you want to change, you wont go through with it.
It's really all about you trying to become a better more fulfilled person. Maybe you're over weight, maybe you work a job you hate. Change that. Lose weight, work towards getting a better job, join a martial arts class. Get out there. Go have fun, do things you want to do. Have nights out with friends. Make more friends, know more people, gain confidence, eat well, LOOK AFTER YOURSELF.
Set yourself goals, I can't stress how important this is.

In my mind being the man comes down to knowing what you want and how to get it. It's being more efficient with the energy you use and always having a goal to improve yourself in some way, you can always make yourself better. Never become complacent with who you are.

Now I imagine if your reading a section about how to get your ex back, then you don't want to be thinking about not getting her back but the truth is, if you can't accept that you might not get her back, you're setting yourself up for a fall and here's why.

Right now you should be focusing on you becoming the man. If you want to be happy and have a good relationship with any women, you have to feel good and be happy with yourself. If you can't accept that it might not work and it doesn't, it's going to hit your confidence that you just built up and you're back to square one.

Watch all of this - David DeAngelo's Deep Inner Game (can be found on youtube) It will help you understand how to focus yourself and where you need to improve yourself.

Hope this helps, Critical.