Let me first say that if this is the wrong forum or the wrong subject matter, I apologize for that.

This Ex I am referring to is my wife. Allow me to explain. Back in 2008 I was into the game a bit. I was never what you would call a PUA but I did okay for myself. I followed Style and subscribed to Double Your Dating and things went pretty good. I met a girl online who lived in Chicago (I lived in Toronto, Canada at the time) and after some flirting we agreed to meet up. I spent a week in the windy city with her, bedded her the first night and all in all we had an amazing week together. After that week ended we started dating and continued doing a long distance relationship for 2 years with me visiting her every 6 weeks or so for a couple days.

Her family and her relocated to NC in 2010 and I switched jobs so I could travel more. We got engaged and then married in 2011. I was 34 she was 23.

August of last year we decided to have an official wedding (reception and all that) and I started the process of immigrating to the US. After the wedding money got tight and we couldnt do all the things we normally did and my wife would say "we need to do more things together" I assumed she meant "spend money on me" and kinda shrugged it off. In November she took a contract job in Seattle and moved out west with the plan that once I had saved up some cash (I'm working again) i would follow her out there.

She moved in with a guy friend of hers because he had an extra room and the job she took doesnt pay that well. I didn't like the situation but this was a job she really wanted so I didn't want to crush her dream.

Things were cool for about 2 weeks before I noticed I wasn't really hearing from her much, she was always going out with this roommate and his group of friends, playing video games or just forgetting to return calls. We got in arguments about this frequently.. all the time I believe the roommate was trying to do his small part to sabatage my marriage.

Fast forward.. we dont need a huge sob story here. February I get a long email from my wife that says she's not sure if our marriage is working out. I talk to her on the phone after that tell her that I'm flying out to Seattle the following week. She says ok, reluctantly.

The week I was there, I got no physical contact from her other than hugs. She says I was ignoring her back after our wedding and that it was severe enough to give her pause to think about our marriage. I thought to myself.. if it was so bad back then, why didnt she say anything more, and why did we plan for me to come out. Anyway.. the first 3 days I was there things went ok.. seemed like things were getting back on track (my wife even made the comment "when you come out here") but then the last day it's like 100% reversal. She says again that she doesnt know if our marriage can be saved... thing is, I ask to try and she says "well I already did try"

So now I'm back in NC, my wife and her roommate (who she says has a huge crush on her) are in seattle and she says she needs a "break" I dont know what the hell a break means, but I just told her "fine, take your break but I wont wait around forever". I told her I was planning to drive out to seattle to stay, and she told me that wouldnt be a good idea. I dont think she's being unfaithful.. she swears she hasnt been. But I know that roommate is probably whispering in her ear constantly about how life would be better with her. That and he and his group of friends are showing her a good time in Seattle every weekend.

In other news, since she's been out there my wife has gained about 15 pounds and she's a social media butterfly, her tweets and FB messages are always about how she's feeling down.

Basically guys.. I know I turned into a wuss someone along the line, and I know that there are other fish in the sea that I am capable of getting, but this is my wife and I take my wedding vows seriously.

Is it too late for me, or can I pull a hail mary here?