PUA has been the best resource for picking up women, rekindling flames with old ex's, building confidence, etc....
Today I decided to contact a ex, we broke up about 2 years ago and shes currently in a relationship which has been going a year and a couple months strong. My intentions were getting her to have feelings for me again, while reading the bf destroyer says I should qualify her boyfriend for her to think about his qualities and disqualify him. so far so good.

here is the conversation...
Btw shes 18 and a senior in high school. Im 19

Me: HB10 (:, Thought Id converse with you while I procrastinate at work. whats up?
Her: Lol okay. I'm leaving school.
Me: school isn't even half way over.. where you headed too?
Her: Do you know who I am? lol I get out of school after 4th period. I gotta take *** home then Im going to the mall
Me: wowwwwww whats the point of even going? I bet those classes are probably easy too.. but did you know I'm hated by ***?
Her: Two are easy but I take calculus... Lol not so much. I didn't know that. What'd you do?
Me: Ehh shouldn't be a biggie you're smart. Idk I was hoping someone knew lol I texted her one day and she told me to never text her again.... as funny as I thought it was, she wasn't joking.. oh well lol
Her: mhh... Maybe it was her boyfriend
(perfect transition for me to bring up the subject about her boyfriend)
Me: He must be really insecure.. smh I dont get the same text from YOUR boyfriend lol yall seem so perfect its awesome.
Her: Perfect? lol naw. we're okay though (; Thanks
Me: lol you dont have to be modest about it. you seem always so happy around him, what more can you really ask for?
Her: Well thats true. I am really happy, but that doesnt make us perfect.
Me: Well he seems like he's not jealous, needy or unfaithful. Idk how compatible yall are but he seems like the perfect guy lol
Her: Well Shucks (:
Me: What its been a year somethin..? we were what a month somethin..? haha should probably learn a lil something.
Her: Weren't we almost 3 months or something?

I haven't replied yet but it was just really a test to see if something like the BF destroyer would work, Im not trying to mess up her relationship so Ill back off but from what I learned everything has worked accordingly. she disqualifying him by saying hes not perfect but they are okay. Also, the last text she sent me was her trying to qualify US implying we lasted longer than a month. I would say The method works pretty well.