Not sure what thread this should be under.

Okay so I was chatting to my ex earlier on fb. We broke a week or two ago up mostly because of long distance, but I'm back home for a few days and want to catch up, try to escalate things again.

Here is the convo that went down, sorry it's so long. The context is I'd just told Dev (ex) I was going back down this Saturday and would like to see her before I leave, she agreed and this is basically what came next.

me: Come over to my house, I just bought a pair of 5XL fat pants, we can both fit in them and get high as fark then I'm going to kiss you and you're going to like it and things will happen from there
good plan right

me: "yeah cameron that's a great idea" - dev

her: if i can get a ride home

me: Again, you're a dork

her: Stoooop

me: Yeah nah that's not gonna happen. But of course I'll give you a ride.

her: So, I come to yours tomorrow, then you give me a ride home. Good. Yes. Thank you

me: Lets go out somewhere

her: Where too?

me: No idea, I'll plan something

her: Okaaaaaay, can i go home and shower first

me: No

her: well i will anyway

me: You're not allowed to smell good!

her: too bad

me: Well fark you and you and your hygiene

her: Cool, what time?

me: What time do you get home?

her: 3.40

me: You sure it's not the am?

her: yip )))))))))))))))

me: Woman. You insane.

her: Na I jusss hiiiigh
bad me

me: Gis us some gee

her: it wont woork
i just did a mean drawing

me: Nah the spider bite work off yesterday
(told her a story a few days ago about how I can't get high because this radioactive spider bit me while taking photos of this other girl I had a crush on)

her: come get sum thenn

me: Where you at betch

her: mummaz

me: Faaark, why so far?

her: mumy is bad

me: So that's where you get your badness from.
How're you gonna persuade me to come over?

her: You might enjoy Myra shes a sensational snorer

me: Mmmm doesn't do it for me I'm afraid keep trying

her: um. im high

me: Yeah but what's that got for me?

her: im high
its gr8

me: Still not persuading
Keep going.

her: Unmmmm I'm high
Like x5
and youll love me when im high

me: I wouldn't feel comfortable driving back high, might have to stay over a while..

her: inbetween me and myra ahhaha

me: Don't mind at all , I'll be over soon stay high

her: Ooooookaaaay, see ya soon justin bieber

me: Fuck off. Meet me out on the street when I txt?


me: Haha see yah soon

At this point it's about 12:25 at night but I want to see her so I log off and drive over which is a good 20 minutes. I get there and she acts all awkward and surprised that I came and said she thought I was being sarcastic or something along those lines. This throws me and I have no idea what to say or do, her friend is "asleep" on her bed and I just pussied out and said I'd leave.

Question 1. I thought it was obvious I was serious on coming round, does it sound like I was being sarcastic?

Question 2. We're still on for a catch up later tomorrow but I have no idea what to say or how I should act in a situation like this. Should I just laugh about it and try play it off as an embarrassing but funny incident, or should I call her out about screwing round with me, or go to some other route of conversation entirely?

Thanks a bunch, I'd appreciate any feedback.