That sticky at the top of this forum has been my bible over the past few months. I've followed it to a tee...I'm in deep, I've been doing well...but I've reached a wall.

I'm so very, very close. Like closer then we all are to Nuclear war right now.

I've done the whole process by the book of trying to get her back, I didn't freak out when she dumped me. I told her we'd stay as friends. And not once have I initiated contact with her since the split. It's always been her, she can't let this thing go anymore then I can.

But it's got to a stage where I'm all out of ideas, and to an extent that has me back in the community looking for that golden nugget of information...hoping you guys can help.

This girl is highly attached to the idea of me, she's at a university...I'm back in her home town. I think I represent that feeling of home, that romance we had in the summer was movie-esque, I think she holds our time together as a very special time...I also think I represent the 'bad boy' choice...

We broke up late last year and she has a new boyfriend. Who she says is "Nice" and "Calm" and "Really good for me"...sounds freakin boring if you ask me buy anywhooo!

We discussed our current relationship together at length, decided we shouldn't talk anymore because we're both not over it...but then a day later we found it too hard so now we text everyday with a light banter. Even though she agrees it's not fair on her new boyfriend.

We even met up for a drink a few days ago.

I'm at a loss, I don't know whether I should be responding to the extent that I am...she does hold the power, no doubt...but when she texts me, I feel the need to reply so it looks like "I'm there" which was a big reason as to why we broke up in the first place.

I'm quite the experienced PUA now with an extensive knowledge of the arts, but when it comes to being this far down the rabbit hole...with a girl I know really well, I'm finding it hard to dig up the necessary advice.

Should I go back to basics? Get her to qualify herself again. Leave a few days before replying to her messages?