Before anyone starts flaming, yes I'm still gaming on the side, she broke up with me, the break up wasn't bad (it was due to a bunch of her insecurities / lack of communication on her side, maybe because she realized how easy it was for me to get other girls / saw me flirt with them on the side), it was a 1 year relationship.

The Breakup
The breakup was emotional (we were both in bed hugging and crying together), which kind of sucks, but I accepted it. I asked her if she wanted time to rethink her decision to give it a second chance she said no, so I told her "I hope you find someone better than me, but I doubt it because I'm the best" and made her smile before leaving. In anycase I don't care about the second chance stuff, women aren't known for saying what they mean, especially in the heat of the moment. I also said we couldn't be friends and that if she broke up with me it'd be for good (but I don't care what I said either).

Contact Reinitiation
Now I want to get her back, 9 days after the breakup I contacted her, called her and just talked as if nothing, she seemed happy / nervous to hear me.

Points to Take Away from the conversation (4 days ago)

- i called she sounded happy / nervous, she asked if i was calling for something in specific, i said no. we started - chit chatting, i made fun of her, didn't react negatively (i dont think) to anything

- she said she saw my fb post regarding some bar (im thinking maybe she was looking at my fb wall, she doesn't use fb much)

- she said she wanted to call me but wasnt sure, so she was going to wait a few days but i did it first

- i told her if she wanted to grab some coffee / drinks one of these days to let me know

- at the end of the call she said "ill call you to organize something"

- i also tried to cut the conversation short like twice, but she just kept yapping away

Now I haven't contacted her again, she hasn't yet either (she was out of town for the weekend). I don't plan on contacting her again either till her birthday / our countries valentines day (22nd/23rd of april).

I want to drop off a card at her house + a rose for valentines day regardless of whether she reached out or not (I'd be a d1ck not to, I mean for my bday 3 months ago she bought me flight + hotel to Rome), and I think it would be nice. I think this could help me assuming that she was insecure / couldn't trust me during the relationship, in any case she'd see it at the end of the day thinking I "forgot" her bday which would give her time to pms about it till nightfall.

1) What type of card should I write? Something cheery / fun with some inside jokes. Can I / Should I end with an "I Miss You" ? Or should I save that line for when we meet in person on date 3 like the guide says.

2) If she tries to friendzone in person what should i say/do?
acknowledge it say "yeah you're right, lets just be friends."? do i just tell her / be cocky by saying something like "ehh hold off on labeling our new relationship, you're likely to end up falling for me over and over again."

3) How do I handle the "are you seeing anyone?" question, should i be ambiguous but try to show I want to change, "Regarding women... I think that topic caused lots of distrust in our relationship, and I'm not sure if we should talk about it... but if it helps you feel any better you know I don't sleep with just anyone..." or should I be sincere? "I've met 3 new girls, but I'm not ready to do anything with them so I've cut off communication", or ... (I think making her jealous might not be right in this situation)

I think these are my BIGGEST concerns. suggestions?