Not sure how to go about acting while on a date with my ex that we have planned. Should I treat her like a friend when I know we are both interested? I know she loves me as she said it when we set this up, I returned the love. The thing is, I don't want to be pushy and rush this. I want to take it slow and enjoy it and make her realize I'm what she wants. She said she'll message me soon, I want her to chase me. How should I go about this? Should I game her? Treat her as a friend? Use Kino? Let her engage? No clue but I do know I'd like to get back together with her, don't want to be AFC about this.

Any tips guys?

For the record she seemed really excited about the date and what not as am I, I was polite and happy about it but tried not to show way too much interest. Also didn't reply right away to anything and what not.