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    Default Is this even worth it?

    OK so about a week ago my gf and I split up. We had only been seeing each other for a short period but there was clearly strong chemistry. Now I have been on enough dates in my life to know when there is a 'click' and there was definitely a click. We split up because I was open about my past - a dumb move on my part. She couldn't handle something about my past and panicked and ran. We spoke on the phone and she texted me a message to say to keep in touch and if "I ever wanted to go hill walking with someone, I knew where she was x"


    Anyway I was going to leave it a couple of weeks and say to her - going to go walking this weekend does she fancy joining me. And then reflirt with her and try my damnedest to not to mention my past. Though part of me feels I should try to explain my past?

    Is this even worth it, am I on a hiding to nothing? Am I even approaching this in the right way?

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    Default Re: Is this even worth it?

    Hey bro,

    In my opinion, the answer is No - you are not playing it right. You are already trying to plan ahead yet you only split up 1 week ago. Right now, she thinks you want her back so she holds all the cards. You need to turn that round right now.

    You need to go hardcore NC. That means no texts, no e-mails, no facebook stalking. Nothing. Zilch.

    Drop totally of the radar and let her realise what life is like without you. When she contacts you - and she will - you need to play it cool.

    It might take weeks or months but she will contact you. When she does, post on here and the guys will keep you right.

    Good luck.

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