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    Default Here is a fun one. Ex wants to break up but i manage a friends with benifit

    ok so my ex and i dated for 2 years in june. We had a great relasionship, i was on my game for at least the first year of us dating. long story short i started slacking, getting lazy, really just turned into kind of a wuss agian. Well she mentions it like 5 months before we finally break up, i knew something was off with her. She geared up to leave me by starting to hang out with old friends or really trying to make new friends, working out, working more etc...

    So she catches me a little off guard with the final break up because we talked a week before about our relasionship and how we were both going to work on ourselves for each other. O well didnt work cause she said it was time we did it. I was crushed cause i love her but it reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal ly helped that i already knew the signs and kind of saw it coming.

    Well i did a pretty good job of framing the break up as a mutual thing, i agreed that we should prob break up and have our space for a bit, even told her i was thinking about doing it (this completly shocked her)...

    Here is where it gets pretty interesting. She says to me "can i ask just one thing, i know it is alot to ask but can you please not go hook up with girls for a while. it would just crush me and i am not breaking up with you to hook up with guys i am doing it for myself". so i tell her that her "request was absolutly rediculous to ask, that i am a man and i have my wants. I like having sex" went on to tell her that we could still hang out and do our thing (refering to sex) and in exchange i would not hook up with any girls for a while....

    This has worked twice so far, she has came to my apartment to hang out twice and we have hooked up both times, although it took some significant effort on my part.

    I saw this as an accomplishment at first but now that i am reading through this i am not sure.

    How do you guys think i handled the situation?

    What should i do from here as far as getting her back?

    i do not see too many people pulling this off so i am wondering is this a smart move?

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    Default Re: Here is a fun one. Ex wants to break up but i manage a friends with ben

    I was in a similar situation not too long ago, although it wasnt as "formal" as yours.I think you habdled the situation pretty good as far as not looking desperate and begging for her back.

    From my expirence, its tough to have a FWB relationship with someone you already dated.sice the sex is still there, why go back to the stresses of a relationship.

    I would just play it cool as far as getting her back. I would also pursue other woman becuase when she stops the sex, you better know she will have a man lined up
    -There's no future in your past

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