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    Default Block and unblock?

    So my ex and I have been NC for months now. Well over 6 months at this point. Each time I have tried to speak to her she has blown me off. She has a new dude and is currently living with him. Well she has for the last few months done this thing where she blocks me and then randomly unblocks me for a bit then i go right back on her facebook block list. It's weird because it started on valentines day. blocked till vday then reblocked the day after vday.

    The last time she ublocked me, I fb messaged her and asked if we were cool or not. I tried to maintain a civil, equal grounded convo as much as possible. She told me I "bring stress and drama into her life" and that if her bf found out she was talking to me he would be pissed. I know this is a huge lie and Sh1t Test because you would keep someone you don't desire to see or check up on blocked and out of your life. Anyways I responded with "He would be pissed because he knows how happy I made you. That is why he never liked me and never will". Which i'm not gonna lie is the truth and she has even said it in the past.

    Well she blocked me after this convo and here we are two weeks later, just unblocked.

    What do you think this means. Her posts are all marked as public so do you think she is trying to keep my attention why being with this other dude. I have tried to reach of to her for a meetup or coffee and she claims she just can't talk to me right now or in the near future "maybe someday but not soon". Really I think she is hurt that I went NC on her after she brought this other dude in and she is just hurt and not really pissed at me. I think i'm blocked because she lives in her BFs house and doesn't want to fark up her almost free living situation.

    What do you guys think this means? Obviously Its strumming some sort of heart string here.

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    Default Re: Block and unblock?

    She is not stringing you along she finds herself thinking of you from time to time but your text come of a bit needy

    What to do?how about talk to other girls and have them in your life.obviously she has move on.then if she comes again build attraction and amplify it.

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