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    Question Help getting my ex back when she refuses to see/speak to me

    Hey everyone. Only sort of new to the game, but really new to this situation and any advice I could get would be appreciated.

    My ex and I were together for 2 years. We lived together for the last 6 months before I screwed it up. Now she had large breasts and wanted a reduction due to the back pain. She was 110 pounds with a 27 inch waist but she was an E cup. Some days she couldn't even stand. Also she had a dead ovary which caused her pain and heavy bleeding during her period to the point where she would pass out and sometimes needed a blood transfusion. She made the decision to have a hysterectomy, the one dead ovary removed (keeping the good one) and breast reduction. Instead of being supportive I was a jerk and I left her because I loved her large breasts and thought she was being selfish for purposely making herself infertile.

    I left her over a year ago but I have grown up a lot since then and I have realized what a jerk I was. I also realized that I still love her and want her back. But she has blocked me on Facebook so I can't see her on there, when I try to call/text her I get a message that her # is no longer in service. Same with her email. And no one that knows us both will give me her contact info or new address. I saw her last week, she was working her new dream job (paramedic) and she looked AMAZING and so full and healthy and happy. But when I approached she said "I don't want to speak to you. Goodbye." and walked away. Our mutual friends say she is a different person and so happy they don't even recognize her. I am wondering how I can go about getting her back if I have no way to contact her and she won't speak to me. Please help!
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    Default Re: Help getting my ex back when she refuses to see/speak to me

    Hey man.

    Put yourself in this girl's shoes. Imagine you had a serious operation (say a testicle being removed) and this girl dumped you when you were at your most vulnerable. You would hate her for it wouldn't you.

    This girl decided to cut you out off her life and she went to the extent of changing all her numbers, e-mail address and blocked you on FB. And when you saw her after a year, she brushed you off. It's very clear what she thinks of you.

    You have practically no chance of getting this girl back. She thinks you were a jerk and by your own admission you were.

    Every time you initiate contact it pushes her further away, gives her power, and will make her more determined to never talk to you again.

    The only chance you have is to focus on moving on and wait and see if she contacts you. BUT, it is highly unlikely that she will.

    I'm sorry bro, I know this isn't what you want to hear but I think you are flogging a dead horse here.

    Good luck man.

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