Hi guys,

my gf dumped me 2 weeks ago after 11 years, moved out (had been living together for 3 years). She had pretty good reasons - I let myself go a bit, didn't fully commit. Don't blame her for that. She's a stunner, I was ignorant. I've read all the usual stuff (NC, work on myself - doing the latter). We've had separations before, mostly because of other people/infidelity. This year we were going to make our first baby, get married in the next few months - she might have gotten cold feet. It's still very tough - yes, she's the one, and as romantic as it may sound - deep down I know she loves me, just couldnt stand some things about me anymore (including loss of sexual attraction over the last few months). It might be a power game to change the situation.

Anyway, when she dumped me, she didnt mention this other guy one bit (we had a long tough day). Only later I found out that she had met with him a few times on dates (nothing sexual apparently) while she was pondering to break up (I was traveling). A week after break up she went to his city to meet him in a park. Tonight, she'll apparently have her first night with him, apparently in a hotel. Until now she hasn't told me fully what's going on.

I did ask her for at least a bit of time to tackle changes to our relationship without having to worry about other men right away - a reasonable request knowing the history of our past breakups, to which she reacted in a obviously irrational, making herself angry to blow me off kinda way. I know she really wants this now.

Yeah, I know it's jealousy and all, but I would love to get into her head at least a little bit before she farks him to set their path on a rocky rebound relationship (I know I can't stop her right now) while I get my act together. By text message or a short call. I don't want to go all crazy and jealous.

Any ideas?