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    Default Help with girl who moved away and came back wants to breakup

    here's my story; my girlfriend of 9 months went away to France, her home country and came back. When she came back she said she finally realized all the flaws I had the weekend she came back (we went out for one weekend and I accidentally ignored her when I was with my friends) and said I'm not in love with you anymore.

    She said I was too messy disorganized immature dont know how to cook, ignoring her too much when im with friends, she said she was 24 more mature and I'm still an immature 23 year old who talks to his parents alot and doesnt like to travel. I said im working on those things.

    She said you cant change those things and then she said we should break up. I countered and said give me a week I can change. She said don't change for me . I told her I didn't want to change for her I was planning on changing all along.

    She said yeah w.e. I doubt this relationship will work but she said she might or might not come on Friday. So now I'm preparing for next friday. I'm going to clean my room learn to cook and then bring her over. How can u fall out of love so quickly wtf. Anyways whats the best plan to win her back. ?

    Option 1: I say I have changed and then be like this week was super spiritual and I show her a clean room and cook and then take her out.

    Option 2: I say I cant change and that I'm working on changing and then say this is me trying to change if you want keep me as an option or something else.

    Any other options. Thanks for your help guys

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    Default Re: Help with girl who moved away and came back wants to breakup

    Hey man,

    Not sure why you feel you need to say anything. You are who you are and you shouldn't change for anybody but you.

    If you are messy and you know it and it annoys you, sort it out. If you want to be a good cook, do it. But do it because it is what you want. Don't supplicate yourself for anybody.

    As for wanting you to become a better cook, tell her to hook up with Gordon Ramsay! Lol.

    But seriously, if you start trying to be somebody you are not, it is unsustainable and you she will dump you and you will be back to square one.

    Be confident. This girl obviously likes you but there are some things you could do better. But I am sure there are things she could do better as well.

    As for Friday, just tell her you have something special planned and keep her guessing, she will be intrigued. Do not tell her what you are going to do, under any circumstances.

    Plan it as best you can. BUT, if she bails, act like you don't care and freeze her out. Bottom line here is that, if she doesn't appreciate you, she doesn't deserve you and someone will come into your life that does.

    Be the best man you can be but don't do it with words, be confident and show her.

    Good luck bro and keep us posted

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