I really don't need to go into details so i'll try and make it short
Met a girl about 4 months ago, and have fallen in love. Don't question it, i know how i feel.
I kind of blew it because we were dating and not official, and i kept asking her how she was feeling about me etc. In other words i was needy and insecure. I'm not usually like that, but the fact i felt so strongly for her scared me a bit, i normally date women but not get too emotionally involved. So when i did with this one, i didnt know how to handle it.

Anyway she broke it off, i went a little nuts and text her some seriously long texts, trying different methods to get a response. She has since explained why she doesnt want to carry on and said to just leave her alone.

I'm now a bit lost. I've accepted it but i hate it, and i know it could work if i sorted some issues out and if she listened to me a bit more and made some changes herself. Problem is she is quite arrogant and doesnt listen to reason a lot of the time. She admitted she has quite a black and white mind, almost robotic at times, and her opinion of me changed almost daily based on how well we were getting on.

So should i just move on and forget about her? I do genuinely feel we could work, when we get on well its incredible. Our sex life was also second to none. I did things i've never wanted to do with anyone else nor do i ever want to, it was pretty special...

Is it best to just casually date for a few weeks/months then re initiate contact? Or let it be for good and just stay single again?

Mainly looking for womens perspectives here, if you were her, im assuming the messages would just push you away further, so what would make you warm to me again?