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    Default Emotional blokage....from HER!

    Hi guys,

    I saw my ex recently ,and we kissed again ,and I told her what I wanted and listen to her as well....We ve been seeing each other for the last 5 months now and she never said I m not interest in you nor anything which could be a real turn off....
    She is really hard unto opening herself and she told me she was blocked from an ex boyfriend of her and that there were some unresolves things in their regards,It s been more than a year now that they didn t see each other cos the guy is overseas...but still communicating,she told me she did not want to commit but I told her that I did not want to so far as I need to get to know her better,I basically said that I wanted to be on equal terms and to go slowly,I told her too that I didn t need her but I wanted her...her body language does not lie when she is with me her pupils are dilated she looked at me in the eyes and got red cheeks,I do really feel that she feels something for me...
    3 days after I sent her a funny message and invited her to get together next week....24 hrs after she replied and said yes by returning my joke....

    My question is how to deal with a woman who is still broken heart?

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    Default Re: Emotional blokage....from HER!

    I think that you're right to take it slow....if she's still communicating with that guy there may still be feelings there. be yourself, she's clearly into you. I know its much easier said than done, but try not to let that situation affect you. as time passes she'll come to see you as the better option. it just has to happen naturally. let her be the one who seeks out the commitment.

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