My girlfriend of about 6 months broke up with me and its been pretty tough on me because I care about her. We broke up bc of communication problems. It's been a couple months and she reached out to me 2 weeks ago. We went hiking and grabbed some lunch. Went well nothing special. The thing is she says we should be friends and I agreed to her decision and said I don't want to be in a relationship bc we both got hurt. I suggested we be friends and see where things go. She thought it was a good idea. Since then she hasn't texted or called me at all. The problem is I want to give her space but she works at the gym I go to everyday. So my question is how do I act when I see her? Should I be polite and go out of my way to say hi? I want to give her space to really miss me and all the good times we had together. Should I ignore her? Talk to her for a couple minutes? I really wish I didn't have to see her but in locked into a contract and can't switch gyms. Should I talk to other girls in front of her? Act cocky or simply just say hi and get to working out. The problem is I'm trying to do no contact but I simply can't bc of her job and I workout the same times she's there. I can't go at a different time bc of work. What do I do??? How should I act??? Please any input would be great. Thanks a bunch!!