Hey Guys!

I'll try to summarize this the best I can.

She dumped me in May 26. The classic I need some time sh1t!
We got back together (by pity of her part) on June 11
I found out she was seeing other dude and I broke up on July 8.
I've read Relationship Rewind, and called her July 30. Told her I was ok, lets be friends.
Arranged a coffee day on August 6. She flaked. I Went NC.

In the meantime, counting from July 8, I hit the gym, enrolled in a University for a Master Degree in P.R., quit my dead end job, F**ked two hotties (I'm seeing one of them now), Kiss Closed something around 12 girls, read loads of stuff about text game, day game, inner game, and specially on how to get back together w/ ex gf.

Last monday, Sept 9, I decided I was trully ok, and I had an interview next to her job on wed, so I hit her with a message telling I had this interview coming up, for us to have a coffee on 9/11. She was very surprised that I've quit my job, and said yes.

To sum it up, We had coffee on wednesday, it was awesome. She was incredebly surprised with the changes. I was at the top of my game, she tried some jealousy stuff, I was rock solid, made her laught, light Kino, heavy Eye contact. I showed her one of my new songs in my iPod, we shared the earbuds, face very next to each other. The peak was when i had to pay the bill, and the guy charged us for less stuff, I told him it was wrong, that there was an item missing.
She looked to me with a face I cannot describe, and asked, "Who are you?"

I had to leave, offered her a ride, since it was my way, droped her home. I laid by the car, and she stood in front of me, intertwined legs, I said goodbye, cause I was late.
She gave me a kiss in the very edge of the mouth, but I didn't fell for the trap.

Next day I send her a message telling I was not going to be able to go to the coffee we arranged for the very next day, just to show I'm not that available. She said cool. Let's leave if for another hour. Talk to you next week xoxo [Which is news, she was not like that for a LOOOONG While]

And here I am. Today. I have no idea what to do next.
Everything I've read covered only up to the first meet.

I don't know how to invite her for another casual meeting next week.
I cannot look desperate, or too available. And I don't have many "casual reasons" to go to her side of town, besides seeing her. Even though I have another interview on Tue, I guess one interview is one too many. Using it again may sound too obvious.

And another issue, I don't know how long should I play this hard to get game, 'cause the last thing I want is after all this trouble I went through to fall in the friendzone! In other words, should I go for the kiss in this next meet, or is it better to save it for a third, more nightly one??

Thx guys!