Long story short, was dating HB for 3 months, started to really like her, went AFC & she went cold. Since then & with some awesome help from this forum I have played it pretty well. Stayed on her radar with a mix of Freeze Out, been busy & all that stuff. Have been getting a few subtle IOI's lately (or maybe wishful thinking lol) but I think she may be regretting ending it (although she only said she didn't know what she wanted).

Now I can't/don't want to be just friends with this girl & in saying that I have a few things I would want her to change before I would even consider going exclusive (just a little bit immature with handling different things)

So I was snap chatting her pics of my 8 month old nephew tonight & got this text:
HB: He's super cute!!! Can I have him....pleeeeeaaaaas sse????
Also, I think we need to hang out.....im getting soft....am already in bed :/ I need someone to annoy

My plan is to agree to hang out, flake, arrange another one & build some attraction.

So my questions are what is the best way to go about letting her know we are not gonna be just friends & if she is happy to date again that I want her to change a few things. I just want to be upfront to start with & not waste my time if she just wants to be friends.

How would you guys play this? Am I reading too much into a meaningless text?

Would love some quick replies as I don't want to take too long to reply to her