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    Default Do you think this will last? Is it a rebound?

    so, girlfriend and i broke up.

    within 2 weeks, she was dating a new guy. I'm 99.9% certain she didn't actually cheat on me, but obviously had this guy lined up and ready.

    anyway, few key points:

    -we were together for almost 3 years
    -after the breakup she went full rage mode, and wants nothing to do with me for the most part right now
    -i didn't do anything "horrible" to cause the breakup, it was a matter of her not feeling that i "Cared as much for her as she did me" etc etc
    -she still has picture [though hidden from everyone but me i believe] of me on fb "thats my boyfriend" captions etc, she didn't delete them

    in her new relationship, the few times we do talk, she uses him to lash out at me. "he LIKES talking to me. he CALLS me. I'm -REALLY- falling for this guy" "were talking about moving in together" etc etc.

    they've been together for all of one month now.

    also, he is very good with his words, likes to write poetry or something,a nd has been sending her lovey lovey poems and whatnot, he has that going for him i have to admit.

    other than that, i don't think hes really "her type", its kind of shocking to see her with a guy like him (likes rap, basketball, etc etc), and hes also from her past, an old childhood friend from middleschool or so.

    so my question, does this sound like a rebound? lots of it tells me yes, but im afraid theres enough substance there to make it stick thanks to how lovey lovey hes being.

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    Default Re: Do you think this will last? Is it a rebound?

    The peoms in this dyn is AFC sort of.the girl may be 'choking' from a bit pressure.
    Too much is bad.depends on what you really want out of this..

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