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    Default Ex is trying to make me jealous...and its working. What do? and my ex talked on skype all the time. theres only 2 other people who she would occasionally associate with besides me on there.

    tonight, for the first time since the breakup, i saw her log into skype. My initial reaction was to reach out and message her, but I stopped myself and went for a long walk.

    When I came back, her status updated changed to a lovey thing, and her profile picture was changed to a picture of her and the man she is now dating.

    keeping in mind, i still want her back, this fucking hit a home run with me.

    what do i do? not even message her? just ignore it? fight fire with fire?

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    Default Re: Ex is trying to make me jealous...and its working. What do?

    I've just recently gone through a similar situation, although mine was more oneitis.

    Get off Skype, go & find other girls and live your life!! Maybe NC may be the answer, but personally I started building a kick-arse life style & made sure facebook knew about it!! It helped me feel good & stop thinking so much..... and she even re-initiated contact & suggested a meet up

    Now if you want her back I suggest the same advice that was given to me & what I said earlier; Go & live your life, get passionate about something (I got right into fitness & nutrition - never felt or looked better in my life), join a mixed sports team (also a great way to meet girls) but do not go off her radar!! Make sure she knows what she is missing out on.

    I have found Facebook & Snapchat pretty good tools if used correctly, i.e.: tag yourself on fb out & about, send snapchat's of you doing awesome fun things

    And who knows... do that and you may not even want her back!!

    I don't know but sitting there watching her move on & date other people definitely isn't going to help.

    I also started focusing on the negative things about her just to try & take her down from the pedestal I had her on lol

    Maybe it's two completely different situations & would love some feedback from the more experienced guys on here, but this has worked for me

    Also feel free to pm me if you want more details.

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    Default Re: Ex is trying to make me jealous...and its working. What do?

    I'm going through a similar situation with my ex as well, it's been about 2.5 months. After we broke up (she broke it off) I literally walked away and disappeared. Deleted her from facebook, skype... Everything. Even deleted her number.

    Now, don't think this was easy... I loved the hell out of this girl for 4 years. I tried to do everything I could to move on though, because it was so hard. I don't know if she has seen anyone and I don't want to know.. She texts me once in a while, even though I've asked her not to. She'll come up with an excuse to check in, and it drives me nuts, I don't know why girls do this.

    You need to move on but also feel the pain, when it hurts let it, cry if you have to.. Get it out of your system. But don't give in to wanting to look at her on Social Media etc, or texting her.. She's already seeing someone else. You are just torturing yourself.

    Go out and be the farking man... Meet other women, buy yourself things, work really hard, work overtime if you can, post pics on your fb of you having fun, get back into the things you stopped doing because you were always with her. There are new doors open for you now, remember that. Prove to her you're a man and you have moved on and walked away, that you aren't a pussy... Heck, prove it to yourself too.

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