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    Post No contact. Will it really work in my case?


    - 2 Month relationship (that I value despite the time frame, maybe I'm fooling myself. Though I've had numerous relationships prior to this). 1st month was great, as they always are.

    - She then grew unhappy. I didn't give her much attention at that point because, frankly, spending time with her in bimbo mode was torture. Though I did care for every other side of hers.

    - She threatened to break up 1 month in, and somehow the tables had turned. We threw out the label and just became 2 people seeing each other. I suddenly invested myself in the relationship, trying to revert to my old self. However, it wasn't the same. She kept drifting further and further.

    - I suggested we start seeing other people since we had become so distant from one another, though honestly I was mostly trying to push her buttons. She fired back with a breakup, which I agreed to. She however proposed a vacation trip together months from now, where we would both be "over each other". We made a pact of sorts.

    - Days later, I made the mistake of seeing her again to change her mind. No pleading, just rational talk (lmao fark me right?) To no avail, of course. She didn't feel anything for me anymore, she fell out of love. Vacation still on. Wish I had been adamantly non-reactive.

    It's been a week since. NC applied, though I did tell her beforehand I'd need time to adapt. I've been reading up a bit and following Cody's post pretty much to the letter. Currently very active in developing deep inner game (which is spot on what I was/still am lacking).

    I'm amazingly thankful this breakup has happened. It gave me the slap I needed to get up and become proactive again, a skill I had lost. I realize I wasn't a man and probably wont be fully any time soon, but I don't plan on stopping anymore no matter what.

    My question is, will NC bring her back to me if I revolutionize myself? Will I get a 2nd or rather 3rd chance at this? Either way I plan on continuing down my path of enlightenment for myself and not for anyone else, but I would be grateful for any insight from people who are actually knowledgeable in these situations, unlike friends around me.

    I know she may not be worth it, and she's definitely not wife material, but I can't help but want that upper hand back and I do miss her. Oh and what to do with the vacation plans?

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    Default Re: No contact. Will it really work in my case?

    Cancel vacation,attract her more in this dyn..

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