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    Default I liked this girl, wanted to date her, think she just used me for one-night

    Hey Guys,

    so I met this 20yr old couple of weeks ago. She spitted that she was looking for love, and that shes not good enough for anyone, shes use to being thrown away and used etc. I believed her. We had sex at my place. next day she tells me shes "busy atm" and after a couple days of texting, I kinda lose my patience and said some rude stuff. she says to me "dont hate the player, hate the game" burned me. anyways, were o nspeaking terms but the ball is in her court, how can i turn it around to get her to wanna see me and sleep with me again?
    "I came, I saw, I conquered"- Julius Ceasar

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    Default Re: I liked this girl, wanted to date her, think she just used me for one-n

    Dude, I'd let her go. I had an ex who turned out to be a big slut when I was younger. Gave that same speech, after we were together and looked through her Facebook messages I saw the truth of what she was and it brought on so many insecurities and anger that we were bound to end. We hooked up later a few months later, her saying she missed me so much and wanted to get back with me (I was foolishly in love, she was the first girl I slept with) and I believed the shit. Then, she went and farked another dude and gave that exact hate the player speech. I moved on so much faster after that because I realized what she really was, and thats not what you want, even for a fark buddy.

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